A: Writing poems

This program is for poets who want to focus on their craft, with suggestions for reading dispersed throughout, but with the bulk of the work done related to developing a body of poems. Craft is at the core of this program. Discussions and exercises will include such issues as lyric structure vs narrative, function of the speaker, enactment of the language, and locating your poet’s voice.

Block I: We’ll begin by gathering skills, finding your muse, your voice, your strengths. You will generate new poems, with careful and frequent feedback from me. I will help you find ways to begin, to see the value in observation, memory, experience reshaped.

Block II: You will generate new poems as you revise selected ones that we feel are strongest and most valuable to your process.

Block III: You will continue to create new work and revise, with the focus on developing a manuscript. Depending on output and speed of revision, this might mean a manuscript of one or more groupings of poems (usually four to six each) to send out to publishers of journals and magazines, or possibly a chapbook, comprised of twenty to twenty five poems.

B: Reading, examining, annotating poems
C: Combination of A and B