If You Don’t Tell Your Story,
Who Will?

Memoir /Personal Narrative Workshops
with Pam Bernard

Usually at her home in Walpole NH,
now conducted temporarily via video conference on ZOOM

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A series of writing and reading workshops for those interested in transforming the deep exploration of experience into a convincing and compelling story. This workshop is not a competitive sport. Each member is encouraged to participate at his or her own pace and comfort level.

  • Explore the genre and learn the ground rules
  • Experiment with different approaches to making the personalpring universal
  • Develop your unique voice and style to bring your story to life

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A Novel In Verse

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In his essay entitled
The Hour Of Poetry,
John Berger writes:

"Poetry makes language care because it renders everything intimate. This intimacy is the result of the poem’s labour, the result of the bringing-together-into-intimacy of every act and noun and event and perspective to which the poem refers. There is often nothing more substantial to place against the cruelty and indifference of the world than this caring." Berger’s caring extends to the notion of all art, and is, I believe, the thing that moves us. I am touched by this voice, rising up from objects, and from the page, just as we hear something in anonymous scribblings in the margins of a used book. It is in the margins of our senses, perhaps — in that region of correspondence — where we might connect emotionally with another. Inexplicable, unlocatable, it is, nevertheless, a region for which I strive in my paintings and poems.